October 22, 2005

British inventors: Sex drive to sideways bikes

By Jeremy Lovell

LONDON (Reuters) - From a scented patch to boost a woman's
sex drive to a bicycle that travels sideways, the weird,
wonderful and wacky were out in force at the British Invention
Show on Saturday.

Inventor Liz Paul claims that her Scentuelle -- a tiny
transparent patch that exudes dopamines and is worn by a woman
on her wrist to recharge her sexual battery -- is just what
today's stressed and multi-tasking females need.

"Men have Viagra, now we women have this," she told Reuters
at the show in north London's Alexandra Palace. "Research has
shown that 35 percent of women have problems with their

At the other end of the scale she also has a patch that
might not be quite so welcomed by women as it blocks cravings
for chocolate -- regarded by many women to be as good as sex.

Elsewhere in the show -- and somewhat less discreet or even
portable -- is a giant appliance called The Egg which offers a
full body massage at the same time as aroma therapy and
relaxing music.

"Step in stressed and emerge 15 minutes later a new
person," said Cathy Morris. "We have had enquiries from
business and even some home individuals interested in
installing one at home."

But sensuality was not all that was on offer, Brent Simon
waxed lyrical about his coolbag that behaves like a fridge,
Roark McMaster showed off his rubber hat that keeps cut
cucumbers fresh and Lewis Kirkbride had a new take on

Reza Kahouli even offered to make it rain -- or stop
raining -- in just 15 minutes if someone would let him have an

At the simple end of the spectrum, Mike Minton was deeply
proud of his hand-held device that pre-cuts toast soldiers for
dipping into soft-boiled eggs.

"Look," he said. "Straight edges and no crumbs every time."

But perhaps the whackiest invention was Michael Killian's
SidewaysBike -- a contraption with a single handlebar at either
end and a saddle in the middle that he described as the
bicycling equivalent of snowboarding.

"The beauty of this is that it has absolutely no purpose
except fun," he said with a broad smile.