November 16, 2005

Polygamy cited as possible factor in French riots

PARIS (Reuters) - Polygamy may have been a factor behind
the unprecedented wave of riots that swept France over the past
three weeks, senior conservative politicians said on Wednesday.

Bernard Accoyer, leader of the Union for a Popular Majority
(UMP) in the National Assembly lower house of parliament, told
French radio that children from large polygamous families had
problems integrating into mainstream society.

The Financial Times quoted Employment Minister Gerard
Larcher as saying large polygamous families sometimes led to
anti-social behavior by youths who lacked a father figure and
made employers reluctant to hire them.

Riots erupted on October 27 after the accidental deaths of
two youths apparently fleeing police, but transformed into a
wider protest mainly by ethnic African and North African youths
at racism, unemployment and exclusion from mainstream society.
Some white youngsters were also involved in the violence.

"There is clearly a problem with the integration of
immigrants and, more importantly, their children," Accoyer told
RTL radio.

"In order for us to be able to integrate them, there must
not be more of them than our capacity to integrate them. That's
the issue. It's like polygamy....It's certainly one of the
causes (of the riots), though not the only one."

He said polygamy led to "an inability to provide an
education as it is needed in an organized, normative society
like in Europe and notably France."

The Financial Times quoted Larcher, who is expected to play
a leading role in the government's efforts to come good on its
pledge to help ethnic minorities find jobs, as saying multiple
marriages could disadvantage some youths.

"Since part of society displays this anti-social behavior,
it is not surprising that some of them have difficulties
finding work," the newspaper quoted him as saying.

"Efforts must be made by both sides. If people are not
employable, they will not be employed," it quoted him as

A Larcher aide told Reuters that Larcher had based his
comments on his own experience as a local elected official.

The minister had discussed the riots at a dinner with
journalists, raising polygamy as one factor among many that lay
behind the recent wave of riots.

"But polygamy is not the overwhelming cause of the recent
events," said the aide, who did not wish to be named.

Larcher had raised a case he knew personally of a youth
arrested by police who further investigation revealed had come
from a polygamous family.

"Gerard Larcher said that that was one of the factors which
have to be taken into account, because these youngsters from
polygamous families have no one to look up to, they have no
reference point, they are unstructured, and he was using this
example," the aide added.