December 26, 2005

China plans only 4 reactors at 2 new nuke plants

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is going ahead with four reactors
at a pair of planned nuclear power plants previously scheduled
to have 10 generating units between them, official media
reported on Tuesday.

One of the plants, at Hongyanhe, Dalian, in the
northeastern province Liaoning, would consist of two 1,080
megawatt reactors at a cost of $2.8 billion, the China Daily

The second would be built at Haiyang in the eastern
province Shandong and have two 1,000 megawatt reactors.

The same newspaper reported in July that the Liaoning
station would have four reactors while the Shandong plant would
get six, each of 1,000 megawatts. On Tuesday it made no mention
of plans to build the remaining reactors in later project

The Liaoning plant, which is scheduled to generate
electricity from 2011, was expected to cost less than previous
reactors because it would rely on domestic technology for its
design, the China Daily said on Tuesday.

China has been seeking four foreign reactors under an $8
billion contract but has indefinitely postponed that program
because of high prices, sources have told Reuters. Westinghouse
Electric Co., a Pittsburgh-based unit of Britain's BNFL, is
vying for the contract against France's Areva and Russia's

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and China Power
Investment Corp., one of the country's major electricity firms,
will each control a 45 percent stake in the Hongyanhe venture,
with the remaining 10 percent divided between Liaoning Energy
Investment Group and Dalian Construction Investment Co.

"We expect to get the final go-ahead from the National
Development and Reform Commission by the end of this year," an
official from CGNPG was quoted as saying. The commission is
China's top economic planning authority.

China Power Investment Corp. and China National Nuclear
Corp. would jointly build the Shandong plant.