February 13, 2006

CORRECTED-Police raid Japan firm over nuclear exports: media

Please read in 2nd and 4th paragraphs ....Mitutoyo....
instead of ....Mitsutoyo

A corrected story follows.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Tokyo police on Monday raided a Japanese
company suspected of exporting equipment that could be used in
producing nuclear weapons, Japanese media reported.

Police believe Mitutoyo Corp., which produces and sells
precision measuring equipment, illegally sold equipment that
could be used in uranium enrichment to Japanese companies in
China and Thailand in 2001 and 2002, the reports said.

A police spokesman would not confirm the reports, and
company officials were not immediately available for comment.

Mitutoyo, in Kawasaki near Tokyo, was founded in 1934 and
has some 2,300 employees in Japan and 2,000 overseas.

Separately, the Japanese trade ministry said last month it
was investigating Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd on suspicion that it had
sold China a number of small helicopters that could have
military uses.

A Yamaha Motor spokesman said then that the company has
exported nine unmanned crop-spraying RMAX L181 helicopters to a
Chinese firm called BVE. But he said the helicopters could not
be modified for military use because of their flying ranges and
for other technical reasons.