February 14, 2006

Former Taiwan premier Sun Yun-suan dies at 92

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Sun Yun-suan, a former Taiwan premier
credited with the island's economic expansion in the 1980s,
died of heart failure on Wednesday at the age of 92.

Sun, a senior adviser to the president, had been in
hospital since late January with heart and lung complications,
the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei said.

Sun was premier from 1978 to 1984 before serving as
minister of economic affairs for nine years.

The presidential office said in a statement that during his
term in office Sun had laid the foundation for Taiwan's
economic growth.

Widely believed to have been handpicked by late President
Chiang Ching-kuo to be his successor, Sun suffered a stroke 20
years ago that ended his political career.