February 17, 2006

Sweden charges Russian researcher with spying

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A Swedish court charged a Russian
researcher at an agricultural genetics laboratory in Sweden
with spying for a foreign power on Friday, and the chief
prosecutor said the suspect had put the armed forces at risk.

The man, who was not named but was in his 30s, was arrested
on Wednesday in the university town of Uppsala, just north of
Stockholm, on suspicion of carrying out "espionage activities"
in early 2005, Sweden's counter-espionage service SAPO said.

Chief Prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand was quoted by local radio
as saying the man's activities had "caused damage to our armed
forces," affecting Sweden's national security.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences said on its
website that a "guest researcher at the Genetics Center" had
been arrested but gave no more details of his identity or
activities, saying the case was "a matter of the utmost

"We have 14 days to investigate and question him, then the
prosecutor decides if we have a strong enough case and we could
then get another 14 days, or he could be released," SAPO's
chief spokesman Anders Thornberg told Reuters.