February 20, 2006

Rio police find remains of 100 bodies at dumpsite

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - The skeletal remains of
at least 100 bodies were found on Monday at a garbage dump on
the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, police said.

The corpses were between two and three years old and may
have come from a local cemetery but were dumped instead of
cremated, local health authorities said.

Police said it received a tip-off that a dump truck of a
private company contracted by the municipality had dropped the
bodies there.

"We found numerous pieces of human bodies - pelvises,
femurs - buried here. When we take the trash and earth away we
will probably find more bones," said Roger Ancelotti, director
of the Rio de Janeiro state criminal institute. "It is really

The bones were left in labeled black plastic bags
discovered by people sifting through garbage at a dumpsite
about 19 miles from Rio de Janeiro. The city government
operates the landfill, considered one of the largest in the