February 24, 2006

Police arrest dozens in Europe-wide porn swoop: TV

WARSAW (Reuters) - Police have arrested dozens of people
across Europe in a Spanish-initiated sting operation against
suspected users of child pornography, Polish private television
station TVN 24 reported on Friday.

Polish police arrested 12 people in several cities, a
justice ministry official said. Five remain in custody.

"Operation Azahar was initiated by Spanish authorities and
applied to every European Union member," said Barbara
Makosa-Stepkowska, director of information at the Polish
Justice Ministry.

"The February 21, 22 and 23 raids were carried out at the
same time and aimed to hit individuals with open pornographic
files," she said. She had no information on the total number of

Polish police alone confiscated 1200 compact discs, 200
computer disks, 66 computers, one laptop, two computer servers
and production equipment.

"We seized several hundred pictures and several dozen short
films of a pornographic nature involving children of less than
15 years of age," Polish PAP news agency quoted police
spokesman Kamil Tomaszczuk as saying.

"They included pictures involving animals."