March 7, 2006

German police raid 119 suspected neo-Nazi haunts

BERLIN (Reuters) - Police raided more than 100 buildings
across Germany on Tuesday in a hunt for suspected members of
the banned neo-Nazi group "Blood & Honor."

In raids in Bavaria, they seized a hand grenade and a 7.65
mm caliber pistol, police said. The 32-year-old owner of the
live hand grenade said he had bought it "for decoration."

Bavarian police also seized 'Blood & Honor' memorabilia
including 140 T-shirts, more than 30 CDs, numerous magazines,
posters, video films, key chains, baseball caps, four PCs and
eight mobile phones.

The memorabilia, which the police said could "spread
National Socialist (Nazi) and racist ideologies," is being
evaluated by the police.

All Nazi and neo-Nazi regalia and insignia are banned in
Germany. Neo-Nazi groups are small but watched carefully by
security services.

Simultaneous raids in seven of Germany's 16 states took
place at 6:00 a.m. local time (0500 GMT), the police said in a
statement. Of the 119 premises searched, 37 were in Bavaria.

Six German states are investigating suspected members of
"Blood & Honor Division Deutschland," which has been banned in
Germany since 2000 along with its youth wing "White Youth."

The statement did not say if anyone was arrested, but that
some 37 suspected Bavarian neo-Nazis were being investigated.

Blood & Honor was founded in 1987 by the British lead
singer of the skinhead band Skrewdriver Ian Stuart Donaldson.