March 11, 2006

Qatar extradites suspect in Cairo attacks to Egypt

CAIRO (Reuters) - Qatar has extradited to Egypt an Egyptian
suspected of financing attacks on tourists in Cairo last year,
an Interior Ministry official said on Saturday.

The man was handed to Egyptian authorities on Friday, the
source said.

He was one of 14 people referred for trial by the public
prosecutor this week for involvement in the two bombings and a
shooting in April last year.

The first bombing on April 7 in a Cairo bazaar popular with
tourists killed the bomber, two French people and an American.

On April 30 a bomber from the same group wounded tourists
near Cairo's Egyptian museum while his sister and wife opened
fire on a tourist bus in the south of the city. All three
attackers died.

The public prosecutor said on Thursday the 14 people to
stand trial had formed a group which considered the Egyptian
ruler an infidel.