March 15, 2006

ETA warns of more bombs in Spain’s Navarre region

MADRID (Reuters) - A caller claiming to represent Basque
separatists ETA warned that the group had planted three bombs
in the northern Spanish region of Navarre, the regional
government said on Wednesday.

ETA has detonated a series of small bombs in recent months,
usually preceded by telephone warnings so that police had time
to clear the areas and avoid injuries.

Wednesday's call to the Navarre emergency services said
there were bombs on two motorways and in a court building in
the regional capital Pamplona, the local government said in a

The building had been evacuated and police were searching
for explosives along the two motorways, a spokesman said. The
caller did not give a time for the bombs to explode.

Last Thursday, ETA planted five small bombs in the Basque
Country, coinciding with a strike called by Batasuna, the
political party banned for its links with ETA.

ETA has killed 850 people since 1968 in its fight to carve
out an independent Basque state straddling northern Spain and
southwestern France.

The group, branded a terrorist group by the European Union
and United States, has not killed anybody since 2003.