April 11, 2006

Denmark reopens Syria mission

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark on Tuesday reopened its
embassy in Syria more than two months after it was set ablaze
by demonstrators protesting the publishing of cartoons of the
Prophet Mohammad, the Danish foreign ministry said.

The ministry said the Damascus mission was now open to the
public but cautioned Danes in Syria to be vigilant as the
cartoon row could still induce negative reactions in the

"Recently, there have been several instances of verbal
threats against Danes and other Westerners," it said in a
statement on its Web site.

On February 4, several thousand Syrian demonstrators set
the Danish and the Norwegian embassies on fire in violent
protest over 12 caricatures of the Prophet first published by
Danish Daily Jylland-Posten in September.

The fire badly damaged the building that housed the Danish
mission but no one was hurt as the embassy was closed.

The cartoons were later reprinted in other European papers
and sparked violent protests worldwide by Muslims, many of whom
believe it is blasphemous to depict the Prophet.

Last month, Denmark reopened its mission to Indonesia
saying the security situation there had improved, but embassies
in several other Muslim nations remain closed.