April 12, 2006

Japan nuclear plant reports leak, no outside impact

TOKYO (Reuters) - Radioactive water leaked inside a
Japanese nuclear reprocessing plant but no one was injured and
the leak had no impact outside the plant, a spokesman for the
plant's operator, Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd, said on Wednesday.

About 40 liters of water containing plutonium and uranium
leaked inside a concrete-lined cell at the plant for
reprocessing spent nuclear fuel in Rokkasho, northern Japan, on
Tuesday when an employee made an error in a remote-controlled
process, the spokesman said.

He added that radioactivity monitors showed there had been
no effect outside the cell.

The plant began the current series of trial operations on
March 31, and the accident was the first at the facility since
then. Previous trials have at the facility since 2001 have also
caused accidents, and the plant has yet to go into operation.