April 13, 2006

Protesting fathers put crucified dummy on Westminster Abbey

LONDON (Reuters) - Divorced fathers campaigning for equal
access to their children tied a crucified dummy Jesus Christ to
the front of London's Westminster Abbey on Thursday.

Two protesters clambered up the abbey with the dummy figure
that wore a T-shirt bearing the words: "Our Father Who Art in

The "Real Fathers For Justice" said in a statement that
they had staged their Easter protest to "demand that both
parents be as equal in family law as they are in the eyes of

In January, the mainstream Fathers4Justice campaign group
decided to disband after reports that police had foiled a plot
to kidnap Prime Minister Tony Blair's five-year-old son Leo.

The group, which insisted that none of its current members
had been involved in any kidnap plot, had staged several
high-profile protests in the past few years.

A campaigner dressed as Batman climbed Queen Elizabeth's
Buckingham Palace in 2004 and another threw purple flour bombs
at Blair while he addressed parliament.