April 30, 2006

Egypt police hunting bombers kill three

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Reuters) - Egyptian police on Sunday shot
dead three men suspected of belonging to a group of Sinai
Bedouin who killed 18 people in the Red Sea resort of Dahab
last week, police sources said.

A police patrol came across two of the men in the Mount
Hilal area of northeastern Sinai. The men threw two hand
grenades at them but the grenades did not explode, they said.

Police opened fire in response and killed them both.

In a separate incident, police killed another suspected
member of the group in a gunbattle in the Mount Maghara area to
the west. Police captured four suspects and were pursuing
others hiding in a mountainous area of northern Sinai some 270
km (170 miles) from Dahab, the police sources said.

The Egyptian government has blamed the mysterious group of
Sinai Bedouin, which had its origins in the Mediterranean town
of El Arish, for four other bombings at resorts on the Sinai
coast and in northern Sinai over the past four years.

Two men blew themselves up on Wednesday in separate attacks
on a multinational peace force and a police station in northern

Shortly after the Dahab blasts last Monday police said they
had formally detained at least 10 people and taken in about 70
local Bedouin for questioning.