May 10, 2006

Two sentenced in Spain for 2002 Tunisia bombing

MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish court sentenced two men to a
total of 10 years in prison on Wednesday for their part in a
suicide bombing in Tunisia in 2002 which killed 21 people, 14
of them German tourists.

The court sentenced Ahmed Rukhsar, a 41-year-old Pakistani
living in Spain, and Enrique Cerda Ibanez, a 43-year-old
Spaniard, to five years each for collaboration with a terrorist

A member of the Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy
Places, a radical group linked to al Qaeda, drove a tanker
truck filled with cooking gas to a synagogue before detonating
the truck, court documents said.

The blast on the Tunisian island of Djerba destroyed North
Africa's oldest synagogue and also killed five Tunisians and
two Frenchmen.