May 23, 2006

Greek, Turkish jets collide over Aegean sea

ATHENS (Reuters) - A Greek and a Turkish fighter jet
collided in midair above the southern Aegean island of
Karpathos on Tuesday, a Greek defense ministry official said.

"The two jets collided above Karpathos. We don't know what
has happened to the pilots yet," he told Reuters.

It was not clear what type of planes had crashed.

The Turkish defense ministry was not immediately available
for comment.

Archrivals Greece and Turkey regularly criticize each other
for causing mock dogfights between warplanes over the Aegean

Greece's defense ministry says it daily scrambles several
fighter jets to intercept Turkish jets that it claims have
invaded its airspace.

The two countries, who came close to war as recently as
1996, have considerably improved ties but have not resolved
territorial disputes in the Aegean Sea and over the divided
island of Cyprus.