May 26, 2006

Man wanted for Sinai bombs gives self up to police

CAIRO (Reuters) - A man wanted in connection with bombings
that killed 20 people in the Sinai resort of Dahab last month
has turned himself in, state news agency MENA said on Friday.

The report named the man as Mohamad Khadr Salam, 26, who
was also wanted for other attacks on resorts in the Sinai

The report said tribal elders convinced Salam to go to the
authorities after police released his brother, who was being
held on similar accusations but was found to have no
involvement. Salam also says he is innocent.

He is the latest in a series of suspects to have turned
himself in. Four men did so earlier this month.

Salam is from the middle of the Sinai peninsula.
Authorities have blamed a group of Sinai bedouin with militant
Islamist views, named by Egypt as Tawhid wal Jihad (One God and
Jihad), for a series of bomb attacks in the region.

The group has never issued a statement or claimed
responsibility for attacks. The Interior Ministry has said
police have killed a total of seven suspects since the Dahab
bombings, most in gunfights in northern Sinai.