May 28, 2006

China kicks out climber after Everest feat

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has kicked out an Italian
mountaineer who entered China without legal documents after
climbing Mount Everest from the Nepalese side, Xinhua news
agency said on Sunday.

Simone Moro started climbing the world's highest mountain
from the south in Nepal on May 20 and reached the Chinese
mountaineering camp on the northern slope two days later,
Xinhua said, quoting the Tibetan Mountaineering Association.

"The camp immediately informed the association of the
illegal entry to the Chinese territory," Xinhua said.

Moro, an experienced mountaineer who has entered China many
times with the right documents, told the association he
couldn't make his way back after reaching the summit "because
the ropes were cut," Xinhua said.

Association general secretary Zhang Mingxing said the
excuse was unfounded.

"The southern slope isn't as difficult as the northern
side," Zhang was quoted as saying. "Even without ropes, an
experienced climber like Simone can still find his way back."

Everest is known as Qomolangma in China and straddles its
border with Nepal.

Moro, who was not immediately available for comment, was
deported from Zhangmu, the booming trade town, Xinhua said.