June 7, 2006

14 Euro states colluded with US on prisons: report

PARIS (Reuters) - Britain, Poland and Romania were among 14
European states that colluded in some way with the CIA in
operating secret prisons and transferring terrorism suspects
for interrogation, a European rights watchdog said on

European states played an active or passive role in
operations run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and were
not merely unwitting victims of the scheme, the parliamentary
assembly of the Council of Europe said in a report on its web

"It is now clear -- although we are still far from having
established the whole truth -- that authorities in several
European countries actively participated with the CIA in these
unlawful activities," Swiss Council of Europe investigator Dick
Marty said in the report.

"Other countries ignored them knowingly, or did not want to
know," he said in the report's conclusions.