June 27, 2006

Egypt police kill two wanted for Sinai attacks

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian security forces on Tuesday shot
dead two men named as members of a group behind deadly bombings
in Sinai tourist resorts, security sources said.

The security forces shot Ibrahim Hamid and his brother Sami
in northern Sinai, where the authorities say the militant group
was based. A gunbattle started when police arrived to arrest
the men south of the town of el-Arish.

The wife of one of the suspects was also killed.

Twenty tourists and Egyptian workers were killed in an
attack in April at the Red Sea resort of Dahab. The authorities
have said a group called Twahid wal Jihad (One God and Jihad)
was responsible.

The authorities blame the same group for bombings in Sharm
el-Sheikh last July which killed 64 and the 2004 attacks on
Taba and beach camps further south which killed 34.

Egypt has described the group as Sinai Bedouins with
militant Islamic views.