June 28, 2006

Italy’s Prodi wins confidence vote in Senate

ROME (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi won a
confidence vote in parliament on Wednesday over a package of
technical measures, ensuring the survival of his six-week-old

The upper house, or Senate, voted 160-1 in favor of the
bill to extend a series of parliamentary measures and amend
rules for awarding public contracts.

Prodi said the confidence vote was needed to speed the
package of measures through parliament and avoid dozens of

Under a confidence vote, a bill is adopted without
amendments, but if the government loses it has to resign.

Prodi's centre-right opponents said the new prime minister
had to resort to the do-or-die vote because otherwise splits
would have appeared in his government, jeopardizing passage of
the measures in the Senate where he has only a 2-vote majority.