June 28, 2006

Montenegro becomes 192nd member of UN

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Montenegro on Wednesday became
the 192nd member of the United Nations, a month after it ended
its 88-year partnership with Serbia that completed the breakup
of the former Yugoslavia.

The U.N. General Assembly of 191 nations admitted the small
Balkan country of 650,000 people to the world body. It approved
by acclamation a resolution introduced by Austria's U.N.
ambassador, Gerhard Pfanzelter, whose country currently heads
the European Union.

Montenegro declared independence from Serbia, a country of
7.5 million people, after a referendum passed by a slim margin
on May 21. It declared independence on June 3.

The U.N. seat previously assigned to Serbia and Montenegro
is now in Serbia's hands. The last country to join the United
Nations was East Timor in September 2002.