July 3, 2006

Storms kill 36 across China

BEIJING (Reuters) - Storms in China have killed 36 people
in recent days, as heavy summer rains continue to wreak havoc
across the country, state media reported on Monday.

In Zhaotong in the southwestern province of Yunnan, heavy
rains, hail storms, flash floods and landslides have killed 11,
injured nine and left six missing, Xinhua news agency said.

In neighboring Sichuan province, storms unleashed floods
and mudslides last week killing 14, the China Daily reported.

Eight people died in Liaoning province in the northwest
after flash floods from downpours burst dams and destroyed
houses in rivers running through Huludao city, Xinhua reported.

Heavy rains have also battered the central province of
Henan, bursting two dams in Yuzhou city and killing three
people, Xinhua said.

Storms and flash floods across south and southwest China
have killed more than 200 people since late May.

Last week, flash floods killed 18 and left 18 missing in
the central province of Hunan.

Chinese meteorological authorities have warned people to
expect more heavy storms in coming days, the China Daily said.