July 7, 2006

Ukraine leader seeks new government coalition

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said
on Friday a coalition of liberal parties backing the "Orange
Revolution" had all but collapsed and called for a new grouping
to form a government.

In comments to journalists broadcast on Ukrainian
television, Yushchenko also acknowledged that the country's
parliament could be dissolved if no government was formed
within deadlines set down by the constitution.

He said he remained a supporter of a coalition of three
liberal parties. But Thursday's election of Socialist
Oleksander Moroz as parliamentary speaker, shattering a deal
between those parties, "means that the coalition has de facto

"If we get an answer that de jure this coalition does not
exist, then other political forces must come up with a
different, broader, or narrower, format. Simply a different

In more comments reported on the presidential web site,
Yushchenko said that "there exists the threat of dissolving
parliament if groups who assume the political responsibility of
forming a coalition cannot do so within the deadlines."

Yushchenko had previously ruled out resorting to his right
to dissolve parliament if no government was formed within the
constitutional deadlines.

The constitution says a government must be formed within 60
days of parliament's first sitting, which took place on May 25.