July 14, 2006

Pakistani cleric seriously wounded in Karachi blast

KARACHI (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed himself and one
other person in an attack that seriously wounded a leading
Pakistani Muslim Shi'ite cleric, Allama Hassan Turabi, in
Karachi on Friday, police said.

"The suicide bomber and a nephew of the allama were killed
in the attack. The allama was seriously wounded and two of his
guards were also wounded," Mushtaq Shah, a deputy inspector
general of police told Reuters.

The attack took place outside the cleric's house in a
residential area of the city.

"We have found body parts of the bomber outside the
allama's house," Shah said.

Turabi had survived an assassination attempt in Karachi in
April, when his car was hit by a remote controlled bomb.

Karachi has been the scene of bloody rivalry between
Pakistan's majority Sunni and minority Shi'ite Muslims since
the 1980s.