July 15, 2006

US extradites pedophile suspect to Mexico

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The United States extradited a
suspected pedophile on Saturday to Mexico, where a child abuse
ring he allegedly headed was at the center of a political

The Mexican attorney-general's office said Jean Succar
Kuri, wanted on four charges relating to child abuse, was due
to arrive from the United States on a commercial flight on
Saturday night accompanied by Mexican federal agents.

Succar Kuri was arrested in Arizona in 2004. He is accused
of running a pedophile ring in the Caribbean resort town of
Cancun and figured in a political scandal earlier this year
that damaged the once-dominant Institutional Revolutionary
Party, or PRI.

Mexican media accused the PRI governor of Puebla state and
a leading businessman of conspiring to harass a journalist who
wrote a book that exposed the child abuse ring.