July 19, 2006

Gunmen kill former Mexican congressman in Acapulco

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Gunmen seized and executed a former
Mexican congressman in Acapulco on Wednesday, the latest
incident in a spate of violence to afflict the Pacific resort

Juan Jose Nogueda was found shot dead less than an hour
after gunmen driving a sport-utility vehicle grabbed him in
front of startled tourists on the city's main street.

Acapulco in recent months has become a battleground between
two cartels fighting for control of the lucrative drug trade.

Nogueda, once a federal deputy for the Institutional
Revolutionary Party and more recently a construction industry
businessman, was shot in the chest and groin.

His body was dumped by a palm tree along a road toward
Acapulco's famous La Quebrada high-diving cliffs.

More than two dozen people have been murdered in the gang
war this year.

In June, the head of a man aged about 35 was found with a
handwritten note outside city offices across town from the
tourist strip.