July 22, 2006

Moderate quake in southwest China kills 18: report

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A moderate earthquake in China's
southwestern Yunnan province on Saturday toppled scores of
houses and killed at least 18 people, the official Xinhua news
agency reported.

The 5.1 earthquake, which struck a mountainous area close
to the border with Sichuan province, injured 60 people, Xinhua
quoted officials in the Zhaotong municipal government as

The epicenters of the quake was about 90 km (56 miles) from
Yunnan's Zhaotong city, Xinhua said, adding that several
hundred workers had joined the rescue effort.

Houses in Yanjin, a county on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau
with a population of 350,000, were mostly built near hillsides
and vulnerable to earthquakes, Xinhua said, citing experts with
the seismological bureau.