July 29, 2006

Somali murder linked to “international terror”: PM

BAIDOA, Somalia (Reuters) - The killers of a Somali
minister had links with foreign terrorism networks seeking to
foment chaos in the violence-plagued Horn of Africa nation,
Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi said on Saturday.

"Abdallah Deerow Isaq was killed by criminals linked to
international terrorism," Gedi told reporters of the
assassination of the constitution and federalism minister by
gunmen outside a mosque after Friday prayers.

"It's unfortunate that some countries who we thought were
our friends have united to destroy the transitional federal
government. Such countries include Libya, Egypt, Iran and
Eritrea who together are fuelling terrorism in Somalia."

At a news conference in Baidoa, the provincial seat of
Somalia's interim government, Gedi gave no further details or
evidence of his allegations of terrorism links.

But he appealed for international aid to rid Somalia and
the Horn of Africa of extremists.

Although some of the suspects in Friday's killing have been
caught, others are still at large after fleeing to neighboring
regions within Somalia, Gedi said. "The government will not
tire of defending its citizens," he added.