August 16, 2006

Extraditions from Pakistan “way down track”: Britain

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Moves to extradite any British
citizens arrested in Pakistan in connection with a plot to blow
up transatlantic airliners were "way down the track," a British
High Commission official in Islamabad said on Wednesday.

The Pakistani government last Friday confirmed the arrest
of seven people, including two British Muslims of Pakistani
descent, in connection with the plot to set off bombs on
airliners traveling from Britain to the United States.

"We are still at the stage of establishing whether there
are any British nationals involved," said Aidan Liddle, a
spokesman for the High Commission. "The next step after that is
providing consular access."

Pakistan last week identified one of the arrested Britons
as Rashid Rauf. The government said he was an al Qaeda
operative with links in Afghanistan and was central to the

A Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday it
was possible Rauf would be sent to Britain, although Pakistan
had no extradition treaty with Britain and Pakistan had not
received a British request for his extradition.

British media reports said British officials had arrived in
Pakistan to join the investigation but Liddle declined to