August 17, 2006

UK police probing alleged bomb plot release one

LONDON (Reuters) - British detectives probing an alleged
plot to bomb transatlantic airliners have released without
charge one person they had arrested, police said on Thursday.

But a court has granted them further time to question 23
suspects -- 21 for another week, two for another five days.

Explaining the release, police said in a statement "In all
operations, some people may be released without charge while
others may remain in custody for further investigation.

"This is not unusual and is to be expected in large and
complex criminal enquiries where a number of arrests have taken

Detectives had to apply to extend the detention warrants
for the 23 suspects arrested since police said they had foiled
a plan to carry out suicide bombings on planes bound for the
United States using liquid explosives disguised as drinks.

The 23 people are all British-born Muslims, mainly of
Pakistani descent. Police can hold suspects for up to 28 days
before either charging or releasing them.

The alleged plot by suspected Islamist militants, if
followed through, could have surpassed the September 11, 2001,
attacks on the United States in fatalities.