August 21, 2006

China reports foot-and-mouth outbreak

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has reported a new outbreak of
foot-and-mouth disease in cattle in the western province of
Qinghai, but it has already been contained, a state newspaper
said on Tuesday.

The outbreak in Huangzhong county, which was confirmed last
week, resulted in the slaughter of 50 cattle, the Beijing News
said, citing an Agriculture Ministry notice.

There have been at least three other outbreaks in Qinghai
since July.

Foot-and-mouth disease does not affect humans and outbreaks
are relatively easy to control, but the contagious disease can
have a serious impact on the livestock industry by reducing
meat and milk production.

Outbreaks that have resulted in the slaughter of more than
1,000 animals have been reported around China so far this year.