August 23, 2006

Death row Bali bomber planned attack online: police

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A man on death row for the 2002 Bali
bombings communicated with Islamic militants on the Internet
while in prison to organize another deadly attack on the
Indonesian resort island last year, police said on Wednesday.

Imam Samudra used a laptop with a wireless connection
smuggled to his prison cell in Bali to hook up to the Internet
and chat with co-conspirators, said the national police head of
the cyber crime unit, Petrus Golose.

"Imam Samudra ... directed the fund-raising for the second
Bali bombing," Golose told reporters.

"The laptop allowed Imam Samudra to chat without
restrictions in Ahlussunnah and CafeIslam chatrooms," he said
referring to religious chatrooms. "This took place before the
second Bali bombing."

He didn't say whether the militant used a cellphone to
connect to the Internet.

Imam Samudra and two other militants, Amrozi and Ali
Gufron, have been on death row for more than two years after
courts convicted them of playing leading roles in the October
2002 nightclub bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, mostly

While they were in prison, suicide bombings ripped through
three restaurants on the tourist island of Bali last October,
killing 20 people.

Golose said the information was obtained after police
arrested two men this month who ran a Web site to raise funds
for attacks through online credit card fraud.

One of the men smuggled a laptop to Samudra with the help
of a prison official at the request of Noordin Top, believed to
be one of the masterminds of some of the deadliest attacks in
Indonesia in recent years.

Samudra, Ali Ghufron and Amrozi have since been transferred
to an island prison off the southern coast of Java island,
where they await executions.

The attorney general's office said this week the executions
of the three men had been delayed, citing a judicial review
planned by defense lawyers.

The bombings in Bali have been blamed on the Southeast
Asian Islamic militant group, Jemaah Islamiah, which
authorities say has links with Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda