International News Archive - December 12, 2005

By Chris Buckley DONGZHOUKENG, China (Reuters) - Riot police patrolled a southern Chinese township where tension prevailed on Monday nearly a week after demonstrations over land compensation were ended by police opening fire on protesters.

By Michael Perry SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister John Howard called for ethnic and religious tolerance on Monday after racial violence, spurred on police say by white supremacists, erupted in parts of Sydney.

By Chris Buckley BEIJING (Reuters) - China is a rising trade colossus with more farmers than any other country in the world, but it is expected to keep a low profile at world trade talks this week as negotiators debate contentious agricultural reforms.

By Michelle Nichols KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Southeast Asia's regional grouping agreed on Monday to draft its first constitution, a document that could enshrine human rights and democracy in a region where both have come under critical scrutiny.

By Ben Blanchard KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - China's rapid economic rise spells an opportunity, not a threat, to the rest of East Asia, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reassured leaders from neighboring countries on Monday ahead of a regional summit.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - At least 40 people have been confirmed killed by a fire aboard a bus in Pakistan sparked when a firecracker let off to celebrate a wedding set the vehicle's fuel tank alight, police said on Monday.

By Manny Mogato MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine troops loyal to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo uncovered an attempt by rogue soldiers to seize power over the weekend, a senior military official said on Monday.

By Pav Jordan SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) - Chilean socialist Michelle Bachelet faces a tight race to become the first woman president of Latin America's star economy in a run-off vote in January, when she will face a reunited rightist alliance.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has widened his lead ahead of a March 28 general election, aided by defections from his former Likud party to his new centrist Kadima party, a poll found on Monday.

PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria (Reuters) - Two more survivors of a plane crash in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt have died, a state government spokesman said on Monday, raising the death toll to 106 of whom about half were children.

Word of the Day
  • a study of the individuals in a group of people within a specific context and their relationships.
  • In rhetoric, the description of any one's personal appearance.
The word 'prosopography' comes from a Latin word meaning 'description of a person’s appearance' from Greek roots meaning 'face' or 'person' and 'writing'.