International News Archive - November 06, 2008

At least 40 Afghan civilians were killed and 28 more injured in a U.S.-led airstrike that hit a wedding gathering in southern Afghanistan, officials said.


The Himalayan hermit kingdom of Bhutan, the world's youngest democracy, crowned a 28-year-old Oxford-educated bachelor as its new king Thursday.

A new report of Afghanistan civilian deaths in a U.S. airstrike fanned more furor Thursday, officials said. The report prompted Afghan President Hamid Karzai to call on U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to halt the attacks, CNN reported.

Taiwanese and Chinese leaders met in Beijing Thursday for what officials said was an effort to improve diplomatic ties between the two governments.

The United States has responded to changes Iraqi officials made to the pact on maintaining a U.S. troop presence in Iraq, a White House spokeswoman said. "We have gotten back to the Iraqis with a final text," Dana Perino said during a Thursday news briefing.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice acknowledged Thursday a Mideast peace agreement is unlikely before President Bush leaves office.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, on an official visit to Russia, described U.S. President-elect Barack Obama as "young, handsome and even suntanned." The joke, if that is what it was, provoked ridicule and anger in Italy, The Daily Telegraph reported.

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