International News Archive - June 17, 2008

A 45-year-old Japanese man convicted of killing four young girls was one of three death row inmates hanged Tuesday, the Japanese justice ministry said. Tsutomu Miyazaki was executed 28 months after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence, Kyodo news service reported.

In his St. Paul victory speech, Barack Obama pledged again to pull out of Iraq. Rather than "continue a policy in Iraq that asks everything of our brave men and women in uniform and nothing of Iraqi politicians. ...

By Jeffrey Stinson LONDON -- President Bush ended his week-long European trip Monday, carrying home commitments from Europe's major leaders on Iran, Afghanistan and even Iraq.

What is Gordon Brown trying to achieve by increasing sanctions on Iran? Britain and the United States lead six world nations - the others are France, Russia, China and Germany - who are extremely concerned that Iran is concealing its attempts to construct a nuclear bomb by claiming it merely wants its own nuclear power stations.

George Bush has warned Iran that military action is still "on the table" if it fails to respond to tightening diplomatic pressure to abandon its nuclear weapons programme.


The European Union agreed Monday on the need to sharpen sanctions on Iran - possibly targeting the oil and gas sectors in what would mark Europe's strongest punishments yet to discourage Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

The following editorial appeared in the Dallas Morning News on Monday, June 16: ___ There's probably no one in the Western world who thinks Iran will suddenly slam into reverse its program of enriching uranium, which the International Atomic Energy Agency recently accused it of developing.

Excerpt from report by London-based newspaper Al-Hayat website on 17 June [Report by Fathi Sabbah in Gaza: "'Hamas': Calm Agreement in Three Stages Includes Opening Rafah Crossing and Separating Shalit's Case.

Text of report by Afghan independent Tolo TV, on 17 June [Presenter] Reports from Kandahar suggest Afghan and foreign troops are launching operations to retake parts of Arghandab district from the Taleban.


By Alexander Panetta, THE CANADIAN PRESS KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Canadian soldiers discovered a 27-kilogram bomb and exchanged gunfire with Taliban militants late Tuesday night amid stepped-up operations in Kandahar city.