International News Archive - July 14, 2008

Text of editorial headlined "Policy towards India, Afghanistan needs to be reviewed" published by Pakistani newspaper Jang on 10 July Afghan officials have alleged that Pakistan secret agency, the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence], is behind the attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

Text of report in English by Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post website on 14 July [Report by Ya'aqov Katz: "Israel Concerned Hezbollah Will Attack After Prisoner Swap"] Fears have mounted in Israel that Hezbollah may try to carry out an attack along the northern border following the prisoner swap for abducted reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser scheduled for later this week, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Text of article by Arash Rastkar, "They had tip-off but did not prevent it", published by Afghan independent secular daily newspaper Hasht-e Sobh on 12 July The Indian embassy incident has been described in the Western and Indian media as a war against relations between India and Afghanistan and many newspapers accused Pakistan and on some occasions explicitly blamed it [for the bombing of the Indian embassy].


A gargantuan summit of European and Middle Eastern leaders in Paris has produced a series of breakthroughs and diplomatic coups for the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

South Korea reacted strongly Monday to Japans' move to show two disputed islets called Takeshima in the Sea of Japan as part of its territory. The claim over the islets controlled by South Korean was contained in an educational document released by Japan's Education Ministry.

A Turkish prosecutor says 86 people are involved in a plot to topple the country's pro-Islamic ruling party.

By Carlotta Gall Taimoor Shah contributed reporting from Kandahar, Afghanistan. * Nine American soldiers were reported to have been killed Sunday in fighting in eastern Afghanistan, the single deadliest attack on U.S. forces in years.

Text of report headlined "US attacks, confrontation on LoC; pressure on Pakistan growing" by Pakistani newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt on 12 July [by Sohail Abdul Nasir] Islamabad: Pressure is increasing on the eastern and western borders of Pakistan.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says his government will place no limit on the number of nuclear power plants that can be built by private companies.

Text of editorial, "India's and NATO's cooperation against Pakistan", published by privately-owned Afghan newspaper Payman daily on 14 July Since the attack on the Indian embassy and the intensification of suicide attacks in the south, the number of civilian victims has been on the rise.

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