International News Archive - September 05, 2012

Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica

Costa Rica was rocked by a powerful, magnitude-7.6 earthquake this morning, but so far there have been no reports of major damage.

The Smell Of Grímsvötn

While piloting a commercial transatlantic flight last year, Captain Klaus Sievers and his crew got a whiff of an unusual odor

Indonesia Volcano Unleashes Cloud Of Ash, Warnings Issued

Clouds of volcanic ash from Anak Krakatau, or child of Krakatau, have become so prominent in recent days that Indonesian authorities have issued a warning for local residents and tourists.

List Of Asian Species At The Conservation Crossroads Released By Wildlife Conservation Society

Will the tiger go the way of the passenger pigeon or be saved from extinction like the American bison?

In Less Than 100 Years Trout Will Become Extinct In The Iberian Peninsula

Climate change, pollution, the extraction of water for irrigation and overfishing all threaten the survival of the common trout.

'Huge Step Forward' In King Richard III Search Announced By Archaeology Team

University of Leicester team confirms it has found medieval Grey Friars Church – the burial place of Richard III

First European Astronomy Journalism Prize Winners Announced

The winner of the first European Astronomy Journalism Prize, designed to help inspire the next generation of researchers has been announced today (5 September 2012) at a reception in the House of Commons.

Word of the Day
  • To befool; deceive; balk; jilt.
  • An illusion; a trick; a cheat.
The word 'begunk' may come from a nasalised variant of Scots begeck ("to deceive, disappoint"), equivalent to be- +‎ geck.