Researchers Discover The Origins Of Sex In The Primordial

Researchers Discover The Origins Of Sex In The Primordial World

According to a new study in the journal Nature, a team of international researchers has found the earliest-known organism to reproduce by sexual intercourse, a small bony fish known as...

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Performance Of Snake-Like Robot Benefits From Analysis Of

Observing sidewinder snakes as they use their unique talents to climb sand-covered slopes has helped both biologists and the engineers behind the development of snake-like robots gain new insight into their respective fields.

New Study Scientifically Probes Near-Death Out-Of-Body

Approximately one-tenth of all cardiac arrest survivors reported having out-of-body experiences or near-death experiences, according to the results of a new study investigating the phenomenon of recollections associated with death.

Researchers Find That Sharks Have Personality

We know that our pets have strong personalities because we observe them every day. But who would have guessed that sharks have different personalities as well.

Semen Secrets How A Previous Sexual Partner Can Influence

Scientists have discovered a new form of non-genetic inheritance, showing for the first time that offspring can resemble a mother’s previous sexual partner – in flies at least.

Sea Monkey Study Suggests Zooplankton Migrations May Affect

Migration of Sea Monkeys, otherwise known as brine shrimp, may affect global ocean circulation patterns, according to a new study by Caltech researchers.

Were Monarch Butterflies Responsible For Unusual Weather

Large blue blobs appearing on weather radar last week above southern Illinois and central Missouri likely belonged to a swarm of Monarch butterflies, according to officials at the US National Weather Service in St. Louis.

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