November 30, 2004

Misprint Costs Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA - At the start of the holiday shopping season, The Philadelphia Inquirer inadvertently offered an early bird special of its own.

The early edition of Sunday's Inquirer, which is published on Saturday, was mistakenly priced at 50 cents instead of the usual $1.50.

"Mistakes happen," said Amanda Bennett, The Inquirer's editor. "I wish that wasn't the case, but it was. We'll move on."

Major retailers were notified of the mistake Saturday morning.

"They rallied and some put stickers on them that said $1.50," said Michael Probestle, vice president for circulation for Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., which publishes The Inquirer.

Probestle said retailers who lost money as a result of the misprint would be compensated.

About 80,000 copies of the early edition, also known as the bulldog edition, are sold at newsstands each week. The paper's total Sunday circulation is about 742,000, said Probestle.