November 30, 2004

Man Gets Probation in Botched Castration

PITTSBURGH - A man who botched the castration of a transgendered woman will spend the next three years on probation. "I have no intention of doing this again to animals or humans," Douglas Lenhart, 49, told Allegheny County Judge John Zottola on Monday. "I'm completely out of this. Completely done."

Zottola sentenced Lenhart to jail time he had already served and will let him serve his probation in Kansas City, Kan., where he now lives.

In July, Lenhart acknowledged trying to castrate Catherine Watson, 46. Watson was born with nonfunctioning male genitals and has lived as a woman since age 9, Lenhart's defense attorney James Wymard said.

Lenhart pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and practicing medicine without a license.

Lenhart had said Watson was "desperate" to find someone to perform the surgery and he thought he could do it because of his experience castrating animals on a farm.