Robotic Hair Salon Shown Off In Japan
October 6, 2011

Robotic Hair Salon Shown Off In Japan

Welcome to the hair salon of the future, lean back and let 24 fingers of robotic bliss relax your troubles away. A newly developed robot, from engineers at Panasonic, was developed to help thinly-stretched staff at healthcare facilities, a common problem in Japan that has a growing elderly population, Reuters is reporting.

In a three-minute media demonstration, the machine, which resembles a dentist´s chair with a wash basin, scans a client´s head using 3D technology, then shampoos their hair and massages the scalp with its rubbery “fingers”.

Engineers are saying the machine features the latest in robotic technology could replace human care-givers in a nation that is swelling with an aging population while maintaining a human-like quality of service.

Developer Tohru Nakamura says, “Using robotic hand technology and 24 robotic fingers, this robot can wash the hair or handicapped in the way human hands do in order to help them have better daily lives.”

“We will develop more care-giving technologies for the elderly or handicapped in Japan and will export those technologies to other aging societies, such as South Korea and China, in the future,” Nakamura explained.

Expected to be available in stores in a few years, the robotic hair salon was unveiled at a Tokyo fair of health and wellness goods that showed off 20,000 products. Included at the trade show was a wheelchair that can dock into a three-wheeled electric motorbike and automobiles designed for disabled people.


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