July 1, 2008

Chimp Lost in Southern Calif. Mountains

The owners of Moe, a celebrity chimp missing in the mountains of Southern California, say the aging animal is not equipped to survive in the wild.

The 42-year-old chimpanzee disappeared from a refuge in San Bernardino County Friday and its owners said Monday that bears had been sighted in the area.

The Los Angeles Times said a chartered helicopter had located a couple of water sources in the area around the Jungle Exotics compound near Devore that Moe could be drawn to.

At the same time Moe has never had to really survive in the wild and considers popsicles a favorite food.

Moe's quite friendly with dogs and cats, but I don't know if a wolf or a bobcat or something comes up, what's going to happen, said St. James Davis, who has owned the chimp since the 1960s. Hopefully he'll run away or get in a tree.