July 1, 2008

Help Sought in Finding Moe

SAN BERNARDINO NATIONAL FOREST - People searching for Moe the chimp are asking the public's help in finding the domesticated chimpanzee.

After disappearing from his habitat near Devore Friday, a team of friends and volunteers have been scouring the forest in search of Moe, said Moe's owners, Ladonna and St. James Davis of West Covina.

"We need spotters," said Mike McCasland, who's been acting as a spokesman for the Davises. "We're getting to that point where were going to need to get volunteers to sit on the perimeter. We think that's how we're going to find him."

McCasland said only trained animal experts should approach Moe, however nearby residents can help by grabbing a pair of binoculars and keeping their eyes trained on the forest and hillside.

If someone spots the missing primate, "Then the pros will come in," he said.

"We need somebody to spot him," McCasland said. Once searchers determine the general area Moe may be in through footprints or other telltale signs, tracking dogs are on standby to help track him down.

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