August 21, 2008

Man Attacked By Friend’s Raccoon

A Dubuque man who agreed to watch his friend's raccoon reported that it "went crazy" and attacked his arm early Tuesday.

Steven M. Hines, 58, of 2455 Pearl St., called police around 2 a.m. Tuesday to report that he had been bitten.

The animal belonged to a man only known as "Joe the Indian," Hines told police. He agreed to look after the raccoon for a few days and he decided to let the it out of the cage for a while. When he opened the door, the raccoon "went crazy" and scratched and bit at Hines'hands and arms.

Upon arrival, authorities discovered a raccoon locked in a cage. "The raccoon was very calm and tame and seemed domesticated," according to the report. They transported the animal to the Humane Society to be examined by a veterinarian. Hines refused medical treatment.

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