August 27, 2008

Masked Thief Nabbed for Fed Break-INS

The evidence in his office gave the judge pause: a half-eaten apple and some distinctive footprints. Federal bankruptcy Judge Paul Bonapfel reported the break-in last week in Atlanta. The intruder made no effort to cover his tracks across a stack of federal memos. The perpetrator? A raccoon.

- The Associated Press

judges report thefts

In the following days, judges and staff who work at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building reported other thefts: chocolate chip cookies, a sandwich and a packet of dried soup.

culprit may go free

A company that specializes in catching wildlife placed a trap in the ceiling and baited it with tuna. The hunt ended Monday, and the raccoon now awaits a life in exile.

"We're going to see if we can get him turned loose on a farm somewhere," said Robert Perkins, the building's manager.

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