August 29, 2008

Diaper Saves Baby’s Life in Brazil

A disposable diaper halted the fall of an 18-month-old baby from a third-floor window Tuesday night and saved his life in Recife in northeastern Brazil, local media reported Wednesday.

According to neighbors, baby Caua Felipe Massaneiro's diaper got stuck for several seconds on a sharp iron nail on the building's wall before he fell to the floor.

The impact as the boy fell from the window 10 meters above the ground could have killed him, but the snagged diaper minimized the force and saved him from smashing directly onto the ground.

The boy has been sent to the Sao Jose Memorial Hospital. Manoel Messias, the building's doorman, said the boy was conscious when his parents took him to hospital.

According to a statement released by the hospital Wednesday afternoon, Caua suffered only slight fractures and his condition was stable.

Police have started investigating the circumstances in which Caua fell from the apartment window.