August 31, 2008

Weightlifter..Age 3


AT just five days old her parents were strapping tiny bags of rice to her arms in a cruel fitness regime.

Three years later and little Barbara Akulova has been turned into a baby bodybuilder - pumping iron bars for two hours a day.

A shock TV series has exposed how her Ukrainian parents are seriously risking their daughter's health by pushing her to the brink.

But dad Uri boasted: "Barbara can lift 16 kilos from the ground which is more than her own weight." Bodybuilder and circus performer Uri has also trained Barbara's older sister Varya, 14, who currently holds the title for the World's Strongest Girl. His wife Larissa also continued strict workouts throughout her pregnancies.

The family were filmed as part of ITV2's Superhuman series, to be screened on Tuesday.

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