September 18, 2008

Sagging Jeans Ban ‘Unconstitutional’ ; World News Bulletin

A US judge has decided a law banning sagging jeans in a Florida town is unconstitutional after a teenager spent a night in jail accused of exposing too much of his underwear.

Julius Hart, 17, was charged last week after an officer said he spotted him riding his bicycle with 4in of blue-and-black boxer shorts revealed.

Hart's public defender, Carol Bickerstaff, urged a judge in Riviera Beach to strike down law, telling him: "Your honour, we now have the fashion police."

Circuit Judge Paul Moyle ruled that the law was unconstitutional based on "the limited facts" of the case.

Proposals to ban saggy jeans are gaining ground in several places around the US, and have been opposed by civil liberties advocates who say they will lead to racial profiling against young African- Americans.

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